Zenkaikon, Anime & Sci-Fi Convention, Lancaster PA

April 1-3, 2016, Lancaster County Convention Center

I have applied to be a Gofer/Panelist/Artist/Vendor/Member of the Press at Zenkaikon. Do I still need to Pre-Register?

Gofers should pre-register for Zenkaikon. Once you have picked up your badge, you will need to report to the Zenkaikon Gofer Head for a quick briefing and for assignment to a station. There may be some opportunities to volunteer if you register at the convention; however, we cannot guarantee you a gofer position unless you pre-register and are approved by the Head of Gofers.

Artists must purchase at least one membership to Zenkaikon in order to man their table. This membership fee is included in the cost of registering for the Artist Alley. Additional memberships can also be purchased for Artist Alley helpers at the time of Artist Alley registration. More details can be found on the Artist Alley page.

Vendors are given a certain number of badges to man their booth at Zenkaikon, and do not need to pre-register. If more badges are needed, they can be arranged to be purchased through the Head of Zenkaikon Exhibits. More details are available on the Dealer page.

Press should apply via the Zenkaikon Press Application once it opens, and will need to be approved by the Zenkaikon Press Team. Zenkaikon only has a limited number of complimentary memberships to distribute each year to members of the press, and acceptance is not guaranteed. Even if you are accepted as press, you are not guaranteed to receive a complimentary membership. Press who are not accepted are still welcome to pre-register to attend Zenkaikon. More details are available on the Press page.